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Week of July 8th-It may take centuries to reach housing goals in Bay Area

July 8, 2018

At its current level of housing construction, it would take the East Bay city of Concord until 2984 — almost the next millennium — to reach its 2040 housing goals, according to a new map from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

Oakland residents would have to wait until 2295 before enough housing is built for its projected 2040 population. San Jose and San Francisco residents have it better off; residents’ grandchildren would see an adequate supply of housing for its 2040 population in 2066 and 2063, respectively.

The map, released last month, highlights the continued challenges of building housing in the Bay Area. Comparing Department of Finance housing production data from January 2010 to December 2017 with the state-mandated housing goals outline in MTC’s Plan Bay Area 2040 forecast, it shows the year in which each city or town would meet its housing goal for 2040 if it continues at the current pace of construction.

“It’s a sobering reminder of how far we have to go to get the Bay Area’s red-hot economy and its anemic residential sector into better balance,” Steve Heminger, the MTC’s executive director, said in a report to the commission.  Learn more.

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