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Week of Nov. 12th-Emerging Trends in Real Estate

November 12, 2017

All frequent flyers know that the most critical times in air travel are takeoff and landing. Real estate has been soaring as of late, and thankfully so. This year’s discussions in Emerging Trends in Real Estate® focus on managing the descent safely, keeping in mind the lessons of past bumpy touchdowns. Fortunately, a sudden drop in altitude does not seem to be in the offing. Instead, our survey respondents, focus groups, and interviewees expect a long glide path for the economy and for the industry—the extension of the current cycle for 2018 and perhaps beyond. A tailwind of demand is expanding real estate utilization rates across a procession of generations extending from baby boomers, through the millennials, and now to generation Z. Each generation is large in numbers (although gen Z is somewhat smaller than the others) and complex in composition—and is contributing to real estate’s forward momentum.  Read the report

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